A million streaks of moonlight,

lash outside,

tattooing my forehead

with pale blue pain.


Hide me, protect me,

nurture me back to the daylight.


Blanketed by cold darkness,

I sit nibbling

at the frayed corners

of seething conflict;

as blazing petals

fall around melting,

burning holes

through intimate folds

of the white linen.


I knead into you

seeking out lost love.

Like chasing after

glowing trails,

left by fireflies,

fading out

in the damp darkness of the porch.


And as the silence in the room starts simmering,

crackling over blossoming embers,

the crickets begin their conniving murmur

tiny, anonymous rebels

plotting a coup against the night.


Redemption seems imminent.

But the sun is still several passages of silence away

and you’re still a dream populated by fireflies.


Let go,

let the night slide,

wake up,

take me.


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